Saturday, August 4, 2007

I miss my daddy

My daddy is the most pawsome US Army dude I know. He is currently deployed on his 3rd deployment to Iraq. I sure do miss him A LOT! When hes home he loves to wrestle on the ground with me and call me his tiger dog. It makes me feel so big and tough to think that daddy thinks I am just like a tiger! My dad is the bestest daddy in the whole universe!

Sometimes when daddy would be eating dinner he would sneak me a small treat! Oh how I loved that! I can't wait for him to come home so that he can sneak me treats again! One time he took me on a walk and we went to a baseball field. He actually let me OFF my leash and told me I could run around!!! Oh that made me so happy to be able to run and run and RUN!!

There was this one time though when daddy got upset with me. It is when daddy was eating some yummy food on the couch and he told me to get down. So I decided to get down and pee on his foot. He wasn't too happy. And I can understand why. I shouldn't have done that. But later on I told him I was sorry and he forgave me. And I cuddled with him.

He is such a great daddy to me I could go on and on writing about him and how much he means to me but I am sure everyone gets the point now on how much I love my daddy.

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