Friday, August 3, 2007

Yes I am getting Married!

I asked my girlfriend Bella to marry me and she said yes! We have been planning the wedding for a few weeks now. Today mommy just got done getting all of the wedding party fitted in their outfits! It takes some work but mommy enjoyed it! She has to do a few other things then she will be finished! And hopefully tomorrow I can start looking into where I want to take Bella on our honeymoon! Hmmm I wonder where she would like to go...

The wedding is going to be on August 11th.. I am soooo excited! Its going to be such a great day! And I just know Bella will look totally smashing in her dress!

Other then that today has been yet another lazy day. Mommy took the hooman kids to see the Simpsons movie. She said it was cute. When she came home we watched some TV together and then we decided we better get cracking on wedding preparations. Mommy has to work again tomorrow so I will be home with the hooman kids again. I hope they don't argue about who's going to take me outside for my walks again. I always hate that I wish that they would just take me out instead of wasting time arguing about it! I mean geez come on kids I gotta do some business outside I cant use what you call the "bathroom" I am too small and might end up falling in the toilet!

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