Monday, September 24, 2007

Daddy is home!!

ARRROOOOO Daddy is finally home! He got back Friday morning! And mommy even took me to go see him! It was so much fun. We got there at about 8am and I had to wait in the car for a bit because mommy wasnt sure if I would be allowed in the gym. Then around 10am they said the bus was coming. So mommy got me out of the car (no I didnt stay in the car the whole time mommy got me out every few mins so I could sniff around the grounds.) and we went to the side of the street to wave to the bus. There was an MP car that was in front of the bus line that had its sirens going. Boy I did not like those sirens. I tilted my head and just stared at the MP car as it went by. Everyone was so happy seeing their loved ones finally! Then as we walked back to the gym they wouldnt let mommy go over where her truck was parked so they said I could go inside! So mommy took a seat on the bleachers and held me as we watched daddy enter the gym and get into formation. There were a few short speeches and then they were released and I got to finally see my daddy again! Oh I was so happy to see him and I am soooo glad he is home safe again!

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Simba said...

we are happy your daddy is home safe too!! Arrooooo!