Friday, November 30, 2007

Oopsie Sorry

So sorry for not posting in SOOOOO long. Mommy has been very busy and so she hasnt been able to let me on the computer to post more. We are all doing good though and Christmas is coming soon!! I wonder what santa will bring me for Christmas!! I hope some new toys and treats!! Mommy says she hopes that santa brings me some new clothes but I told her toys are SOOO much more fun! But we will see.. I will be happy with whatever I get :)

My bestest bud Rocky is going to be getting married! I am so happy for him and quite suprised too cause he is such a wild one BOL.. hopefully his new bride will be able to handle him :)

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Simba said...

Hey Rox!! YES! You must post more often buddy!! We miss your stories! How's Daddy???